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Videos of the 1980s Christian rock band "Compassion"

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Don Tipton is the former lead singer/acoustic guitarist/songwriter for the Christian rock band "Compassion" which rocked the stages throughout the Detroit area during the 1980s. These are videos of "Compassion" from back in the day. These videos aren't great quality but you get to see & hear how "Compassion" rocked out. The songs are all original material, most of which were written by Don Tipton himself. All song arrangements were done by the entire band. The band members were: Mike Materazzi on lead guitar, Bruce Materazzi on drums, Jack Deater on bass, & Don Tipton on lead vocals & acoustic guitar. Thanks for all the good times guys! Check out Don Tipton's current music at one of these web sites:
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Close Your Eyes by Compassion w/ Don Tipton

Child Of God by Compassion w/ Don Tipton

Liar by "Compassion" w/ Don Tipton

Thank You by "Compassion" w/ Don Tipton

"Only One Way" by "Compassion" w/ Don Tipton

"Will You Be The One" by "Compassion" w/ Don Tipton

"This Is The Day" by "Compassion" w/ Don Tipton

Social Planner by "Compassion" written/sung by Jack Deater