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Christian music artist & Songwriter Don Tipton welcomes you

This is the web home of Christian Singer/ Songwriter: Don Tipton. His style of music will both bless you, and lead you to the throne of God. Acoustic guitar driven songs that are truly anointed of God.

Feel free to browse the site! We have some links that may be helpful in your daily walk with Christ. Please enjoy your stay. Be sure to listen to Don's music & watch his videos. Including the videos of Don's former Christian rock band "Compassion" of which Don was a member of in the Detroit, Mi area during the 1980s. Enjoy!




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Bio: Don Tipton

Don was born in southern Ohio, where he learned to play guitar from his Uncle Howard who taught him a few basic guitar chords. Don was brought up in a musical family, that would gather on Saturday nights to play country music on an old front porch.
In high school, he was introduced to rock music and started a band with his best friend Al. They were called, The American Destiny. They mostly played at high school dances and birthday parties.
After graduation, Don, and Al started a band called, Magic Mountain. They played in bars and nightclubs around southern Ohio.
In 1976 Don and his beautiful wife, and their first child, moved to Detroit, Mi. There they spent the next twenty years, raising four daughters, and serving God by being active in their church worship band.
During that time, Don played in several Christian bands. They played at coffee houses, youth meetings, and churches, and even opened a few times for some big name Christian acts.
His bands played all original material, most of which was written by Don himself.
In 1996, Don decided to go solo, and get back to playing acoustic guitar-driven songs, as that was where his heart really was at.
So he and his wife packed up their things and moved to Nashville, TN.
Now, thanks to the modern-day internet, Don Tipton songs are being heard all over the world.
In October 2005, Don released his first solo album entitled, Holy Fire. A short time later, the first copy of the album sold over the internet to someone in the United Kingdom through the internet music store called cdbaby. How is that for reaching out to the world?
The album, Holy Fire, and digital downloads are available at Reverbnation
or at iTunes.
This album is full of his passionate love for Christ. Songs that are filled with the word of God, and are truly anointed by the Spirit of God.

To God be the glory both now and forever, AMEN!

Don Tipton Ministries
Nashville, Tennessee
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Go into all the world & Preach the Gospel of Christ!

The "Holy Fire" album by Don Tipton

Don Tipton albums are available at:
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Don's upcoming album 2024
You can listen to it's first single release
"God Is My Safety"
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"Hallelujah" by Don Tipton

We Belong To Him (video)


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       "We Belong To Him"


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